Creatorii is about creativity, passion and professionalism

Creatorii is Paul Toner, a marketing and design creative based in the Reading area and servicing clients from both home and abroad. Dealing with both the web savvy and those new to the application of the internet, he specialises in extending the reach and influence of your message through the integration of traditional and electronic means. Creatorii supply:

Easy to work with

Paul's clients say they find him easy to work with and that’s the way he likes it. He’s very aware that many view the creative process as a black art; impenetrable and obscure. So while he takes pride in creativity and professionalism he ensures it’s never at the expense of simplicity and transparency.

He’ll breath life into your plans while keeping the whole creative process straightforward and accessible.


High or low end, Creatorii will champion your company and work with you at whatever level you choose. No matter what position you enjoy within your operation, Creatorii wants to work with you

Talk directly

Paul takes pride in the fact that his clients speak directly to the person that works on their projects.

Creatively driven

With creativity and inventiveness, Creatorii will turn your vision regarding your company, its products, services and brand into marketing collateral that will delight you and your customers and confound your competitors.

Your torpedo

Once they’ve given their brief, clients can forget about it until they see the results they asked for. Creatorii is their torpedo. Provide the target, and Creatorii will hit it.

Ring Paul Toner of Creatorii now on 0118 956 9874 now for a commitment free discussion of your needs



Paul Toner


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