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Project work-flow model

1st Meeting and initial brief

At client's place of work or on-line aided by phone and email

2nd meeting and basic concepts and quote

Quotes supplied for larger projects or when client's internal systems require them. With established clients we've agreed systems that allow us to go straight to basic concepts, these can take the form of fully finished visuals or sketch drawings.

The design stage

Depending upon the projects' complexity, clients usually get what they want at this stage within 3 hits

  • Design proposal Stage
  • Amendment Stage 1
  • Amendment Stage 2

Any additional stages of design amendments are quoted and charged at an agreed level (Rate A).

The production stage

Comprising 3 presentations, usually by PDF or JPG

  • Initial Build
  • Amendment Stage 1
  • Amendment Stage 2

After Amendment Stage 2, any additional stages of page layout amendments are quoted and charged at a second agreed level (Rate B)

Paul Toner of Creatorii works direct-to-client

Working Direct-to-Client

Many companies like to benefit from Paul Toner of Creatorii's years of experience as an agency creative director without the filtering of their brief by the layers of sales and accounts people that characterise agency-client relationships.

The Benefit to you

Working directly with Blue Chips, SME's and Start-ups, Creatorii tailors the type and degree of service to the needs and procedures of those companies and the individual approach of the people within them, but as a default we work as shown on the right.

Working with you


Direct to client

With Agencies

With Sole-Traders and Freelancers


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